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Other sites, many of which were excavated as mitigation for federally funded projects, provide valuable information about the lifeways of our predecessors.

The East Steubenville Site in Brooke County, excavated to make way for improvements to West Virginia Route 2, yielded evidence of human activity dating to the Late Archaic Period approximately 6,000 to 3,500 years ago.

Much of the time, staff efforts focus on administering and participating in surveys that seek to document all aspects of the built environment.

We are not the only agency that undertakes survey work, however.

Structural Resources West Virginia SHPO files contain survey and National Register records documenting a wide array of buildings, objects, landscapes and structures.

Research interests of professional archaeologists and other individuals also contribute to our knowledge about the past.

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The form asks for details about such things as mortuary data, regional burial practices, stylistic variation in gravestones and burial furniture, and locational data, all of which should prove useful in tracking the general history of burial traditions in West Virginia.

To date, SHPO files contain records for 417 cemeteries representing 50 counties.

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