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Age: 56 Nationality: United States of America Birthplace: Summerfield, Louisiana, USA, Louisiana Teams: Los Angeles Lakers, Utah Jazz, Utah Jazz More Karl Malone #10 of 155 on The Best NBA Player Nicknames #20 of 820 on The Top NBA Players Of All Time #3 of 167 on The Greatest Power Forwards in NBA History #35 of 107 on The Greatest Lakers of All Time After retiring from football, Lawrence Taylor took on and defeated Bam Bam Bigelow at Wrestle Mania XI.

Among all the muscled colossi, sideshow characters and cartoonish strongmen, Lauper fit right in.

The captain of the squared circle played Lauper's father in "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," one of the biggest hits of her career.

Lauper wrote in her memoir, "Originally, they wanted the wrestler Gorgeous George to be in the video, but I said, 'No, Captain Lou's the one.'"Albano scolded her in the video.

Who is the most famous athlete who became a wrestler? During a suspension from the NBA, Dennis Rodman participated in several WCW wrestling events.

His intro song was "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Wolff's passion, Lauper's star power and Garland's favorable impression of Mc Mahon led to the MTV-WWE convergence. And once the referee announced Richter's victory, Lauper went from defiant to celebratory. Lauper's presence pushed a standard wrestling narrative into the mainstream. The Brawl to End It All main event pulled in a massive 9.0 rating, as Geno Mrosko noted for Cageside Seats.

To promote the match, Wolff shot his own promos."He raced over to Albano's Manhattan apartment with a handheld video camera he'd borrowed from MTV," Assael At the bout's climax, it looked as if Moolah had won, but her shoulders were down during the bridging suplex she doled out to the challenger. She dabbed the new champion with a lemon-yellow handkerchief and hugged her tightly. Wrestle Mania ILauper's time in the wrestling world wasn't done. Months ahead of the first Wrestle Mania, WWE laid the groundwork for the feud that would pull the pop singer back into the squared circle.

She flipped over a table and smacked Albano about the head with her purse.

How It Began If you stood Lauper and Hall of Fame wrestling manager Captain Lou Albano side by side, you might assume they were from the same troupe of oddballs or even the same family. It's not surprising, then, that the two misfits from disparate worlds bonded so quickly and deeply.

Albano and Lauper first crossed paths in the confines of an airplane. "We were on a plane ride coming back from Puerto Rico."David Wolff, Lauper's then-manager, was a huge wrestling fan.

She was boisterous and colorful, fun to watch and a touch ridiculous. closed-circuit TV (subsequent editions were broadcast on pay-per-view) to showcase all his newly acquired talent.

The power of celebrity would amplify Wrestle Mania's potential too.

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