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It was originally believed that he would be the 10th-15th pick, but some teams passed on him because he was charged with assault causing bodily harm by Toronto police shortly before the draft.Wolski allegedly beat and hospitalized another young man his age at a birthday party.He'll try NOT to use a condom but he's not clean and the guy's not circumsized, So DON'T fall for it or you will regret it. I always stare at it along with his nose hahha hahah two comments down.He's now chasing one of my gals, hope shes smart about it as I'm convinced she'll sleep with his ass! He picked up my friend at a bar in toronto when he comes home for the summers.He was a nice guy yes but the sex was not enjoyable, all I'm gonna say because the rest of the girls said it all! But if this is true u gotta wear a condom be smart dude! And girl u right, don't hate on him so much for his "size".. Oh darling, I got something out of the deal besides awful sex and do you think I knew he had a small dick? Text and phn sex were great the man could work a sex line!

But most of the time unfortunatly you choose not to try not to give any effert and not to use your gifts and say to yourself whatever I dont feel like it.

In order to make them fit, he would wear three pairs of socks and stuff the front of the boot with newspapers.

Then he goes and breaks his neck, and battles back yet again.

he got her completely wasted and of course they slept together...

The next day when I spoke with her she giggled he's got the complete package (cute face, gentleman like, funny_ EXCEPT for the fact that he's got a carrot size dick.

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