Who is vivi nevo dating

Despite her early professional success, Zhang’s image has often taken a beating online and in the Chinese media.

During her glamorous early years, she was frowned upon for seizing the opportunity to in-gratiate herself with influential directors and actors, and especially for her romantic liaison with Israeli-American venture capitalist Vivi Nevo, a major shareholder in Time Warner.

This month the 39 year-old star was once more the subject of online commentary, although this time it was effusive praise.

This was owing to her decision to release a new set of portrait photos.

Aviv 'Vivi' Nevo is an Israeli-American venture capitalist and major shareholder in Time Warner.

Vivi founded and leads NV Investments, which seeks to invest in technology companies worldwide.

VC = Venture Capital PE = Private Equity A = Angel I = Incubator MB = Merchant Bank VD = Venture Debt FI = Family Investment Office FOF = Fund of Funds ED = Economic Development Office TT = Technology Transfer Office CVC = Corporate Venture Capital SEC = Secondary Purchaser HF = Hedge Fund/Mutual Fund Get the complete investment team individual email addresses for investment team partners.

” was a dismissive comment shared by thousands of parents.The firm is said to have been an early backer of The Weinstein Company.To date, Vivi Nevo has around 25 private investments.In 2016 Zhang attracted another barrage of criticism after she mentioned on her weibo that she had taken her baby overseas to escape Beijing’s smog.Netizens declared her unpatriotic for running away from the motherland.

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