Who is monica bellucci dating

Brunella Briganti, the future Monica’s mother, was raised as a good Catholic, but she got married to the alien-beggar against the will of her families and acquaintances.

They settled down in a small Italian town Chita-di Castello.

Nebojsa has a degree in law, but his passion has always been writing.

Even though he could have been a great lawyer, he decided to use his talent of being good with words elsewhere.

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Her father was the emigrant from Baluchistan (the region in western Afghanistan), Iranian ethnic and Muslim, hardly keeping body and soul together.But ever since then Monica kept her private life as private as possible and didn’t reveal any new love affairs in her life.At one interview she did report that she was seeing somebody, but didn’t want to reveal who.The man was doing farm work and his spouse became an artist.They were living on the bum, but in perfect harmony.

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