Who is kendra really dating

So who is Young Joc’s fiancée, Atlanta attorney Kendra Robinson?We’ve got a full bio on Kendra, including her law background, she and Joc’s relationship history — and, of course, plenty of pics.well, except with the dick head I flipped off on the road the other day...😜A post shared by Kendra Wilkinson (@kendrawilkinson) on It’s been a year of ups and downs for Wilkinson who very publicly filed for divorce in April.At the time, she shared a series of very emotional and tearful videos talking about the dissolution of her marriage.(In case you’re wondering, Joc has a 17-year-old son, Amoni, with Fatimah; “several children” together with his first wife, Alex, one of whom is his son Amir; fraternal twins with his third baby mama Carla; and twin daughters Eden and Allon by his fourth baby mama Sina.Click here for our feature on all of Young Joc’s kids and baby mamas, including photos of each.) For some strange reason, Joc says he still wants to keep he and Kendra’s relationship on the DL (so maybe he isn’t as grown-up as he thinks.) But Young Joc’s fiancée also points out that since the two of them own a house and “businesses” together, there’s no reason for them to keep things private any longer.Kendra Wilkinson is moving forward following her divorce filing from Hank Baskett seven months ago.The 33-year-old reality star took to Instagram on Monday night to reflect in a post about her life these days.

There was also the admission that Joc had a threesome with former LHHATL co-star Tommie and a never-identified “mystery woman.” Naturally, since the show’s introduction of Young Joc’s fiancée Kendra to the cast, there’s been plenty of speculation about whether or not she was the mystery woman in question, since Kendra and Joc met around four years ago. And the whole thing with Karlie Redd, which felt pretty forced at the time, now looks like complete made-for-TV foolishness.

"Love and happiness is real without waiting on someone or something to do it for you,” she added.

"Been taking a lot of patience, empathy, and discipline…

(Sina Bina, Young Joc’s fourth baby mama, once said that Joc “has a habit of cheating [that] I don’t think he’s ever gonna break.”) But Joc says that for the past two years, he’s been with Kendra exclusively — and things have never been better.

Joc also says that “Kendra don’t need to know about all that” with himself and Karlie Redd, which is for damn sure some reality TV bullsh! Kendra is definitely smart enough to do a Google search and has been since well before she and Joc met.

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