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Although the call to do so came when he least expected it. It seemed like from seasons 4 to 6 that that was when it really became this juggernaut.” “It was this well liked and well watched show before, but it hadn’t become this cultural phenomenon. And all it takes is the push of a button to find stuff on there instead.” “The lasting legacy of ‘Game Of Thrones’ is a real blurring of the lines of traditional views of TV and cinema. It just means that concept is everything now.” “If your script is good enough you can legitimately take it to George Clooney. There’s no barrier to the caliber of actor that you can get for these things.“Funnily enough when I left the show after season 3 the plan was always to bring him back at some point. With every passing year it just goes further and further to the back of your mind really.” “I was getting on with other stuff. I liked watching that from a distance, because if you are in the eye of the storm it is hard to appreciate it.” “So then to get the call to get back in, it actually came when I was least expecting it, but it was great. Even though I was eager to work on HBO when I originally got the job, you still never know how it is going to turn out.” “So when I got the call to come back it was basically, ‘Hey do you want to join the biggest show on the planet? They look pretty indistinguishable from one another.” “That episode in ‘Game Of Thrones,’ ‘The Battle Of The Bastards,’ I just thought that was stunning. Whether on the big screen or the small screen.” “The blurring of the lines and just the desire for great content, to use an annoyingly modern word, is what it is all about.’ So I was like, ‘Yeah, go on then.’” With the end of “Game Of Thrones” now firmly in sight, Dempsie also opened up about its legacy, as he insisted it “seems to have become an emblem of peak TV.” “There’s even a lyric in the new Arctic Monkey’s album about the endless stream of great TV. And that suits writers and directors as well, because they can tell their stories over 8 hours or 10 hours rather than an hour and a half.” I was actually talking to Dempsie ahead of the premiere of “Deep State,” a spy-thriller that he hopes will ultimately match the reputation of “Game Of Thrones.” And as he outlined just how he was able to work on both shows at the same time he also revealed that he had been working on “Game Of Thrones” season 8 for 8 months, which suggests he will be playing a rather prominent role.We are living through an age of amazing drama and high production values, and ‘Thrones’ is the show with the highest production values of all.” “I think that’s meant that TV in general has really had to up its game. “The offer for ‘Deep State’ didn’t come too long after I had finished season 7.Within two days of being there, obviously word had spread that we were there, and just arriving back from work in the car it was like a film premiere.” “Every night. So much of it felt like I had never been gone.” “So many of the crew had been there since day one, staying in the same hotels, the people of Belfast were just as friendly as they always were.Just a hoard of people trying to get a glimpse of some of the actors. So, yeah, it was strange.” “There were parts that were different, but in general it felt like 3 years had just sped by and I was just picking up where I had left off.” When it came to coming back for the seventh season of “Game Of Thrones,” Dempsie recalled that it was always the plan for him to return.The couple also starred in the fantasy adventure TV series, Merlin.

The film was premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in August 2002.During the whole course of season 7 and season 8 I have never laid eyes on a shooting schedule.” “We were just out in Seville filming.We were staying in this beautiful hotel in the middle of town.It was always something I thought wasn’t fair to ask me personally.” Source: Metro Joe Dempsie married life hasn’t binged on yet.Apart from on-screen romance, he had an affair with an acting colleague Katie Mc Grath in 2007.

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