Who is amy irving dating

Amy’s mother, Priscilla Pointer is a wonderful character actress. I remember being quite impressed with her when she did Amadeus on Broadway.

She was marvelous in “Carrie” and “Mommie Dearest”. She was so perfectly earthy and really reminded me of some of the high school girls who babysat me back in the 70s. It's tonally all over the place and kind of off its rocker, but it's so brilliantly done with some sublime set pieces. Her glowy blue telekinetic eyes as she makes Childress explode! I was just a kid but I thought she was pretty good.

Crossing Delancey was originally a play done off-Broadway on 14th Street in the Jewish District. The second was that on "Playing for Time" she shaved her head and got all these great reviews and then Jane Alexander and Shirley Knight had it in their contracts that they'd get big Emmy advertising pushes and she didn't.

Alexander and Knight both got Emmy nods and she didn't (Alexander even won) when it is obvious if you see the film that Mayron was the most deserving.

I saw her years in a Broadway production of Shaw's "Heartbreak House", and she was excellent, more than holding her own with such theater luminaries as Rex Harrison, Rosemary Harris, Dana Ivey and Philip Bosco.

Wasn't the rumor that her marriage to Spielberg (which was before his marriage to Capshaw) ended when Irving had an affair with Ben Cross?

(but then again I was like 10 so what did I know.)She didn't get the movie and was quite bummed about it. First they hired Meg Tilly who probably would have been good and then she got injured and they replaced her with some actress who just didn't fit the film. Elizabeth Mc Govern is scene on the dvd extra's auditioning for the film. (Elizabeth Berridge whom I don't think acts much anymore.)Fun Fact: (for those who don;t know).... One was that she didn't get the film of Crossing Delancey.As thread material, she seems pretty dull--at least the once omnipresent Joyce Bulifant had a lot of husbands and some nasty rumors about her her behavior. But she then hooked up with Independent director, Bruno Baretto, and still managed to eke out a respectable list of credits. I don't remember if she was mean to him for being a geek, but I do recall the book saying he was essentially a huge nerd and much more straight-laced than the other directors he came of age with in the 70s."I'm not sure Silver was fired from the play. The scuttlebutt at the time was that Irving disliked him intensely and told the producers and Miller something along the lines of "I can't work with him - he goes or I do". She came into the show during the premiere run at the Long Wharf Theater before it came to Broadway.Speilberg didn't want an intellectual, cultured, classically-trained actress with an NYC theater-and-cultcha pedigree who herself commanded and demanded lots of regard, as a life partner. She knows where the bodies are buried Remember the whole Twilight Zone accident that killed Vic Morrow and those two girls? Silver left during that run and David Dukes took over and then followed the show to Broadway for it's brief run.She didn't know; that's the big twist."Let's discuss Amy Irving."Smart chick.When SS proposed marriage to her in a bar, she'd coyly asked him to write up and sign a Pre-nup on a cocktail napkin.

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