When recording from vcr to dvd it keeps updating

So I hooked up my piece of crap bluray player to see if it had magically fixed itself by being unplugged for a year. I was about to throw it in the trash, but decided to google the problem.Saw your fix, but i assumed you're an internet troll with nothing better to do than post false b.s. So I took the cover off, pulled out the brown ribbon, put it back together and now it works perfect.If we were talking about a Blu Ray player, it would be a different story, as it is quite common for Blu Ray discs not to play without updating the player, but standard DVD players/recorders don't normally need a firmware update for any reason.You could possibly resubmit this question in the general electronic category here and find someone who knows how to repair your player.If your Samsung Bluray keeps turning off and on by itself and will not stay on, I have a fix...... This happens when the power to the Bluray is suddenly interrupted.1.) Turn on the Bluray, your TV and the cable box if you have one2.) As it does it's on and off on and off tricks, press the "load DVD" button (above the #2 button ) on the remote3.) Put any DVD in and press close4.) When the DVD begins playing, press the Function TV source button.(Top Right Button)5.) Press source button to HDMI 1 or, whatever HDMI setting you're on. I use(d) my Samsung BD-D5700 almost exclusively for playing video from a flash drive or USB drive. Never played a disc since it was about six months old. The next day the player started to turn itself off. No changes in location, air flow, cables, sound equipment or anything.

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It was in it's mood when I checked it again.) I even formatted a second flash drive and loaded it one file at a time to see if there was an issue with fragmented files on the USB drives. The unit will go on and off incessantly for five to ten minutes, cycling below twenty seconds each phase, and then stay off for a period close to seven minutes and then tries to start up again.

The DVD was inspected before it was placed into the player (and then after the problems started, inspected once again) and it had no defects at all.

(DVD plays fine on the POS Vizio 3D BD player I have (that came in a package deal and does NOT play videos through it's USB port))I cannot get more than three minutes into a video or DVD now without it cutting off, except for two specific files on the flash drive I usually use.

So why can't I play a video from the USB with the tray open in the first place? Samsung is NO HELP on this issue, and it's NOT JUST SAMSUNG. It was a tried and true format, with really subtle changes compared to blu-ray. Well, you are in luck: I have finally found out how to fix it.

The issue is that the touch screen panel has failed, and thus causes the Blu Ray Player to cycle on and off.(1) Unplug Samsung Blu Ray player;(2) Remove sidewalls and top cover;(3) Remove front fascia;(4) Remove front touch screen board by rotating the top out first, then you will see a thin brownish ribbon attached to the bottom;(5) Disconnect brownish-colored ribbon from the rest of the system by pulling it straight out (the brownish ribbon runs up to the touch panel buttons);(6) Re-assemble, leaving touch screen panel brownish ribbon disconnected from the rest of the system.

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