What is the dating scene like in atlanta

The two become attracted to one another and they later kiss when he gives her a ride home in his Chevrolet El Camino.

Esquire instantly develops a disliking for Rashad's new love interest, considering her bad company.

No longer under Rashad's watchful eyes, Ant becomes involved with a Marcus, a drug dealer, and begins to sell for him.

At work one day, Esquire meets John Garnett, a millionaire.

Rashad and his friends are also a skate crew at a skating rink where local teens hang out.

While there, Rashad catches the eye of New-New, a girl with a mysterious background, since he only sees her around when she is hanging out with her friends.

Esquire, Rashad's best friend, goes to a prep school on the opposite side of town from where they live, and is trying to attend an Ivy League college after senior year.

However, he finds out that he will need a letter of recommendation from someone of high stature to better his chances of acceptance at the school he wants to attend.

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Rashad initially refuses the offer, but changes his mind after speaking to his uncle.

The two become friends and Esquire sees an opportunity to obtain the letter of recommendation.

When Esquire goes to Garnett's house to pick up the letter, he meets his daughter Erin, who turns out to be New-New.

Rashad is a teen living in Atlanta, Georgia with his Uncle George, and his little brother, Ant.

He and his brother were raised by George since their parents died in a car accident, and they work with him as part of his custodial company.

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