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We teamed up with the National Council for Behavioral Health to bring teen Mental Health First Aid (t MHFA) to the U. This fall, we're expanding this evidence-based program to reach more than 20 high schools, empowering young people to support each other in times of need or crisis.

And why are you fixating so much on a past relationship? I agree with Rance, it's not a good idea to keep bringing up exs in relationships. That sounds stupid but I don't think we can always control where our mind races to.

If you're having that much trouble getting over it, you have problems. It could just be that somewhere deep down maybe it's a little intimidating to you. You may think that somehow a black man could steal her away by offering something that you can't?

We'll send you all the information you need to get started - including suggestions for how to be kind from our Co-Founder Lady Gaga some of our amazing partners.

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