Wang zi and gui gui dating who is katy mixon dating now

Below is the world’s blurriest picture of Rainie and Prince at Honolulu airport, bu when asked about this sighting their agents confirmed they were indeed there together but said the company line that it was a group trip to take advantage of the few days off for Lunar New Year.Twins weren't supposed to exist in the supernatural world, and yet Xion and Dongmyeong were alive and well.Netizens spotted them at Disneyland together in matching Chip-n-Dale hats and being openly a couple.On the flip side of the coin is the rather inexplicable pairing of A-lister Rainie Yang with much younger C-lister Prince (Wang Zi), and it’s not the disparity in fame insofar as the disparity in talent and having a personality.First up is repeat drama co-stars Annie Chen and George Hu who have done back-to-back dramas together with the.Rumors had them falling for each other during the IP filming, which was rather scandalous only because George was reportedly already dating his even earlier co-star Gui Gui after they filmed the drama together.Even when a celebrity couple is pretty much widely acknowledged as dating but refuse to publicly confirm it, their fans shrug and the media just keeps on reporting on their dating updates as if they did confirm it.Two such couples recently had news about them so I thought I’d share in case anyone cares.

Apparently his group mates Modi and Lil Jay were transiting there on their way to LA, but providing great cover in case Rainie and Prince were spotted since they would always claim it was a group outing. Rainie’s fling with Sunny over a year ago was also outed when they were spotted in first class on a flight from Tokyo to New York City, where Sunny’s family lives.I’m always amused by the dating gossip coming out of Taiwan entertainment.There is a noticeable lack of fake pearl clutching that happens in Korea where even the suggestion of dating is called a “scandal”.Next came the clincher where Rainie and Prince were snapped by an eagle-eyed fan at Honolulu airport last week arriving on a flight from Asia.They were trying to go incognito by wearing sunglasses and all black at the luggage carousel waiting for their bags.

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