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Read full article Deep down in the city of Bikini Bottom lives a square yellow sea sponge named Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Sponge Bob lives in a pineapple with his pet snail, Gary, loves his job as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab, and has a knack for getting into trouble without really trying.

In the series, Butterbean, her fairy friends – Dazzle, Poppy and Jasper – and her little sister Cricket take pride in serving up healthy snacks and sweet treats to the residents in their community of Puddlebrook.

Butterbean’s special magic beans, the fairies’ enchanted kitchen tools and the team’s can-do spirit all combine to make their cafe the most awesome eatery in town.

The show gives an inside look at what it takes to survive in the bedlam of a large family, especially as the only boy with 10 sisters.

Even though he loves his sisters very much, they constantly give him a lot ofwanted and unwanted attention, which drives him crazy!

As a “Tri-ling” (part human, part fairy, and part elf) Kyra teams with a group of magical teenagers and learns to use her newfound powers to keep the human world safe from the surprising, funny, and sometimes dangerous effects of magical chaos.

Top Wing follows four young best friend birds - Swift, Penny, Rod and Brody - who are training to earn their wings at the Top Wing Academy on Big Swirl Island.

The series follows twin genies-in-training, Shimmer and Shine, who grant wishes for their human friend Leah.

These wishes often lead to surprising mishaps, but the trio always figure out a way to turn the mistakes around.

Hardcore musician and die-hard wrestling fan Damian Abraham travels the globe to document the vibrant, fascinating, and bizarre subcultures of professional wrestling around the world Read full article A brand new series that will see Scott and his brilliant team flip a high-end luxury real estate project in Los Angeles, while also transforming home design projects for his celebrity friends. Self–made millionaires, Mike “Rooster” Mc Conaughey and Butch Gilliam, believe in the American Dream and are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs to spread their wealth.

Read full article Discover a world full of magic with the enchanting new live-action series The Bureau of Magical Things, premiering this September.

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