Validating website address

Are you looking to expand your mobile marketing strategy right now?

The explosion in mobile usage has fundamentally changed the way organizations interact with their consumers.

How you do this depends on whether one or more domains are to be added.

You don't have to wait for your primary domain to be verified, before adding additional domains.

We’re thrilled with the first class products and services that have been provided; Experian Data Quality is clearly an industry leader.

Phone validation ensures only accurate telephone information enters your database.

Identify and verify phone type in real time as numbers are typed.

Keep open lines of communication with your customers, improve the quality of organizational contact information, streamline data entry processes, and contact customers with the right phone number.

This page applies to new clients connecting with Mimecast using the Connect Application.

", "description" : "Experian Data Quality's phone verification solution allows you to instantly validate phone numbers.

It also detects if a phone number is a landline or mobile number.", "transcript" : "How valuable are accurate phone numbers to your business?

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