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One of the most common jokes you’ll hear when talking about the most important tasks for a Database Administrator goes like this – a DBA needs one of two things, a good backup or a good resume. If you’re not doing backups, and ensuring that you can recover databases from those backups, you’re exposing yourself and your company to data loss.The command for those of us around SQL Server long enough to remember it.) It’s still a great way to get your databases protected, but to help us to move towards more automated ways of getting those everyday tasks done, there are now additional methods available to us.Interestingly, the cmdlet to accomplish this is how you store and pass the Relocate File objects.

(Note that you can use the – In each of these examples, I’ve used just the minimum of parameters to keep the examples simple.One of the reasons I’ve had to restore databases frequently is to recover data from some table that a user inadvertently deleted, but other transactional changes had subsequently been made that couldn’t be lost.To accomplish this I’d restore the backup to another named database on the same server, usually with the original database name with the date of the backup appended to the name.For the sake of space, these examples exclude that parameter so they create full database backups.For example, I would always include the parameter and set it to a value of 0, because you don’t want your backups terminated because the connection between the script and SQL Server is idle while the backup occurs.

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