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The United States Government Printing Office (GPO) publishes electronic versions of the budget, public and private laws, and congressional bills with digital signatures.

Universities including Penn State, University of Chicago, and Stanford are publishing electronic student transcripts with digital signatures.

As organizations move away from paper documents with ink signatures or authenticity stamps, digital signatures can provide added assurances of the evidence to provenance, identity, and status of an electronic document as well as acknowledging informed consent and approval by a signatory.Without the hash function, the text "to be signed" may have to be split (separated) in blocks small enough for the signature scheme to act on them directly.However, the receiver of the signed blocks is not able to recognize if all the blocks are present and in the appropriate order.The signer's public key consists of N and e, and the signer's secret key contains d.To sign a message, m, the signer computes a signature, σ, such that σ ≡ m ≡ m (mod N).

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