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Maybe you've got old copies of classics like Monkey Island or Day of The Tentacle collecting dust?Or maybe you want to try out classic games that....It immediately brings to mind Sony's similiar move with their Playstation 3 product, in which the company unilaterally pushed out an update that would strip the console of serious functionality, including the ability to run other operating systems.It was something users had specifically wanted when they bought the console, and an update was pushed out to then take it away from them, but at least the update could be refused.Don’t worry: with a little work you can get much more working than that.I’ve shown you great emulators you can run on your Wii Get classic, point-and-click adventures working on your Wii.You’ll need to use Letter Bomb to jailbreak your Wii In ancient times, running homebrew software required owning a specific game and corrupting its save data to run an exploit. The most recent hack, which has been working for a year now,...

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Nintendo may end up learning that lesson the hard way.As the EFF post notes, this represents the latest step in a very troubling trend for consumer rights.It's a practice no longer even limited to the digital world, with physical products now including different kinds of DRM or methods to break the product if any payment issues arise.There’s a lot you can do with your Wii; here’s a short list.Your Wii is constantly connected to your television; your computer probably isn’t.

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