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Before starting the upgrade of v Center Server, note any other VMware solutions associated with your environment, such as Site Recovery Manager (SRM) or VMware NSX.

Also, determine whether your current deployment uses an embedded or external architecture for PSC.

When migrating from v Center Server for Windows to the VCSA it is important to externalize any installed VMware products like SRM or Horizon View Composer prior to beginning any migration steps.

See the v Sphere Upgrade Guide for more information.

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It introduces several new APIs that improve the efficiency and experience to deploy v Center, to deploy multiple v Centers based on a template, to make management of v Center Server Appliance significantly easier, as well as for backup and restore.Recommended Resources: This may be done in a rolling manner, with individual hosts in a cluster successively updated after virtual machines are migrated using v Sphere v Motion to the other operational hosts.A rolling approach allows you to upgrade v Sphere hosts while avoiding virtual machine downtime.v Sphere 6.7 provides an efficient and secure platform for your hybrid cloud through: v Sphere 6.7 builds on the technological innovation delivered by v Sphere 6.5, and elevates the customer experience to an entirely new level.It provides exceptional management simplicity, operational efficiency, and faster time to market, all at scale.

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