Updating old dining room furniture

We used flat paint with three coats of semigloss clear coat on top — that way you can really control the sheen," says Robert Willson, co-founder of Downtown, a destination for designers in search of fresh ideas.

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I painted it this pale gray-green in an oil-base stain finish, cleanable, very calm, but not so pale that it dies.

Either way, we’re here to help you design a modern dining room. You don't have to buy everything new, you just need to update what you have, and literally all that takes is a coat of paint.A few top designers gave us their favorite colors for painting furniture, so if you're in need of some inspiration, this is it."One of those inexpensive, gaudy mirrors with a lot of carving can actually become quite beautiful with paint.I like this deep, muted teal because it's mysterious. Colors like this with a little gray in them take you to the next level of sophistication," says Molly Luetkemeyer, founder of M. "I'd paint the base of a sofa, if it's a framed sofa with maybe just a strip of wood along the bottom and tapered feet. It's an easy thing to do, and that little detail will really make it snap," says Katie Ridder, the designer behind Katie Ridder Home."On a vintage dresser, which makes a great nightstand, we accented the handles and the box with Swiss Coffee and painted the drawers Winter White.

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