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Deputy City Attorney Alex Tse called the campaign "illegal and actionable".

When a player won an attack, he did damage to the loser's Health and suffered a loss of Health himself (usually less than the loss of health by the loser of the attack).Digital Chocolate had previously created a cell-phone game by the same name.According to TGDaily, Zynga agreed to stop using the "Mafia Wars" trademark but failed to follow through until 2016.On Facebook, as of August 2010, Mafia Wars had up to 45.5 million monthly accounts created.Mafia Wars is set with a choice of playing in New York City or Chicago with the option for players to travel to other locations, such as London, South Africa, and Mexico. The game revolved around fighting and robbing other players, doing Jobs, Missions, and Operations to earn cash, building parts, weapons, attack and defense fighting skills, and experience, with the goal of establishing and advancing one's criminal empire.

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