Updating eclipse europa to ganymede

Unfortunetly the application that I'm trying to run from Eclipse, simply don't run. Of course I've read the FAQs and the Troubleshooting, and only recommends to close any other emulators and restar adb. Here, the complete log of eclipse when I run the application for Android.Before the Android OS System is booted, in Eclipse's console appears the next message: [2008-10-24 - Hello Android] emulator-5554 disconnected! 2008-10-24 - Hello Android] ------------------------------ [2008-10-24 - Hello Android] Android Launch!Hello Android [2008-10-24 - Hello Android] Automatic Target Mode: launching new emulator.[2008-10-24 - Hello Android] Launching a new emulator. Well, I was trying to resolve the problem myself and I found a very "buggy" solution: Maybe the emulator is running so slow, and the adb server, or another component like "DDMS" is a little "desperate" because seems it's waiting to the emulator to iniatialize the some HOME aplication. ; and the emulator continues running normally and boot it's system, but don't run application that I build.But the emulator is running slow, the console in Eclipse send a message: emulator-5554 disconnected! So for that problem I run program, and when the emulator is opened, I go back to eclipse in DDMS Perspective and in the Device tab y press a button "restart adb server" before the console shows me the message of "emulator-5554 disconnected! I do it several times until the emulator finally boot the OS. Note that if you are on a 64-bit platform and are using a 64-bit JRE, you need to use a 64-bit Eclipse build.add the PDT 2.0 interim site: download.eclipse.org/tools/pdt/updates/2.0/ Enable the Ganymede Update site (if not already enabled): download.eclipse.org/releases/ganymede/ Expand the DLTK site and select the Dynamic Languages Toolkit - Core Frameworks or Dynamic Languages Toolkit - Core Frameworks SDK Feature Select the PDT or PDT SDK Feature Install...

Nothing happens, but If I wait a long time , the logo appears and obviously boot the system.

2008/10/25 Sunit Katkar I had some other problems when I had tried to use Eclipse Europa.

However, I downloaded the Eclipse Ganymede version and everything works fine.

It doesn't matter whether you used the update site or zip file install process you can still use the Eclipse update feature to update an already installed plug-in.

The instructions below are for updating the COM Plugin on Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede).

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