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However, on some modern Multicore CPUs you may get better results with lower latency settings than with higher settings (e.g.

audio performance problems may occur with 512, but not with 256 samples set as buffer).

The downside of using a smaller buffer size is that the smaller the buffer size / latency, the bigger the processing load on your computer.

ASIO4Note: Watch this video to learn how to configure ASIO4ALL for your on-board soundcard Please note that a professional audio interface which provides its own ASIO driver usually performs better than using ASIO4ALL with a generic audio interface.

Typically, audio interfaces designed specifically for music recording and production have better audio quality, better performance and are equipped with ASIO drivers specific to the device.

If you use a Native Instruments audio interface, you will find the latest drivers here.

In your audio application, make sure you always use of the ASIO driver for your soundcard, and not the Direct Sound or WASAPI driver.

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