Updating datarow

Instead it only re-computes what was impacted by a transaction.For example, if items are grouped by city, and a value for each city is summed at the city level, then if the value changes for one item, only the aggregation for the city it belongs to needs be recomputed.In an immutable store, a new list of row Data is created if any row within it is added, removed or updated.If using React and Redux, consider setting and bind your Redux managed data to the row Data property.

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Using Batch Transactions will speed up the process by moving the updates into batches.The method // API method for updating data function update Row Data(row Data Transaction: Row Data Transaction): Row Node Transaction; // params for above interface Row Data Transaction // result for above interface Row Node Transaction The index to add is put in for historical purposes and should not be used.If you want the grid to display in a certain order, you should set delta Row Data Mode=true and then set row data, which will maintain the row order while also working out the update, deletes and adds for you.When there is a lot of data and a lot of groups then this results in a lot of computation required for all the data operations.If using transaction updates then the grid does not execute all the operations (sort, filter etc) on all the rows.

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