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A major feature of EES is the high accuracy thermodynamic and transport property database that is provided for hundreds of substances in a manner that allows it to be used with the equation solving capability.

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There are a variety of ways to break out the overlapping pieces of a Venn diagram in Power Point (all described below)……but before you dig into ANY of these tutorials, I need to ask: Are you using Smart Art to build your Venn diagram?That is why we publish the Aeronautical Chart Bulletin in the Notices Section of the Chart Supplement every 56 days and why it is important that you consult the Notices to Airmen () prior to each flight.FAA regulations state that a pilot must be familiar with all available information concerning a flight.If so, you first need to break your Smart Art graphic before continuing on with these tutorials…otherwise you’ll be stuck with a “fuzzy” overlapping middle piece which is not what you want.Selecting one of the points, notice that there are white handle bars that appear.

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