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Just in case you need more proof about the importance of microchipping your pets and of registering and keeping your contact information up-to-date in the registry, below are some “happy ending” stories that happened because of registered microchips. And note that one of them is about how a pet's registered microchip actually helped to get a Are your pets' microchips registered? What to Do When You Find a Lost Dog6 Tips for Finding Your Lost Dog Lost Dogs (and Cats): Your Pet Versus 4th of July Fireworks Pet First Aid: Would You Know What to Do (and What NOT to Do)?

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Note that some registries are "universal" (can register any brand of microchip), while others are limited only to their brand of microchip.

Also, some registries charge both to register and do updates or transfers, while others charge for some of these steps but not all, and some are completely free. Feel free to share your pet microchip and ID related stories and advice in the comments section below.

To be safest, we recommend that you register your pet's microchip both with the manufacturer's registry and with the Found Animals registry.Most veterinary offices and shelters have universal scanners that can identify the ID chip’s number and information about the manufacturer. Most microchip manufacturers allow you to update your information online, over the phone or via regular mail.Some manufacturers charge a fee for updating ID chip information so be sure to ask about fees up front.in increasing your chances that you'll be reunited with them should they run away, get lost, be stolen, or otherwise disappear in the blink of an eye from your life. While having the microchip implanted is a super important step, it's not the only one.It's equally as important that you (1) your contact information in one (or multiple) of the pet microchip registries listed below, and (2) check regularly to ensure that your contact information is always up-to-date in case the worst happens.

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