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The organisation wants to encourage parents, carers and professionals working with youngsters to be aware of children’s technology use and the dangers posed to them by offenders.said: “We know that these figures will be shocking to read.A new study by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) has revealed shocking statistics on children being groomed, coerced and blackmailed into live-streaming their own sexual abuse over webcams, tablets and mobile phones.was conducted over a three-month period and identified 2,082 images and videos of live-streamed child sexual abuse.Permanent captures from live-streams showing children being groomed or encouraged to perform sexual acts, now represent most of the new images and videos IWF sees.Our recent data shows that so-called ‘self-produced’ content accounts for more than one in three of reports that are made to the IWF.Critically, no adult appeared to be present in the images we saw.Therefore, it’s our belief that these children were being ‘directed’ to abuse themselves and live-stream the sexual abuse.“We know that this information will be terrifying for most parents.

The children in these disturbing videos appear to be completely unaware a recording was being made.This is an alarming figure and one which the IWF feels merits further awareness raising and research.”can happen to any child who has access to live-streaming technology.The report points to the need for greater awareness amongst educators, professionals and carers.This is a trend we identified from our Hotline data and were deeply concerned about.Microsoft provided the funding, so that we could take an in-depth look at these illegal live-streamed videos.

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