University of nottingham speed dating

Q: Has my Dating Form been accepted and added to your system?A: We will always confirm to you via Email that your form has been added, so if we haven't confirmed your form's been accepted by the Saturday after you've sent the form in, please feel free to contact us and ask if we received it or there was an issue.A: Firstly, all members going on dates are Nottingham University Students; you can’t be catfished and lured into a trap.Secondly, all first-meetings occur in public settings with members of the Matchmaking Society committee nearby.3) Our committee use their form to see if they’re romantically compatible with somebody else in the Society.If they are we let both members know they have a potential date via their email.These precautions mean that, in the unlikely event your Date’s behaviour was inappropriate, you could easily get the attention of others and have the situation rectified safely.Our members' feedback regularly praises us for how safe and well-organised the dates are.

2) They email their completed form to [email protected] and buy a membership for the low low price of just £2 (membership purchasable on this Students’ Union page after signing in at the top).

Our FAQ Q&A below should have all the information you'll need about our service! Monthly introductions between the members we have matched together (to be eligible for this you merely have to fill out a Dating Form and purchase our £2 membership, both are available on the right-hand side of this page) 2.

The occasional social event (this will be something like speed-dating, or some other fun event that you wouldn't get from any other Society) This should cover any questions you may have about our society!

No matter Emma’s sexuality, our form can help her find someone.

Q: How many dating members do you have in your system, what's the gender ratio?

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