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So not only do we have a typology based on the type of ceramic, but we also have typologies with determined dates of manufacture for each of the different shapes and forms of decoration.

Researchers comb through archives for manufacturing records which also aid in dating these historic period ceramics.

The same process of collecting data from various sites over many years has also provided archaeologists with a projectile point typology.

These typologies like that of the prehistoric pottery vary from region to region, but each typology is developed using the shape, size and lithic type of projectile points and context in which they were recovered.

Dating methods for prehistoric ceramics are dependent on typologies which were developed through careful analysis of such attributes as temper, decoration, design and form.

Once we have identified the piece as creamware we can then look at known production or manufacture dates from the typology and determine a date between 17 (Deetz 1996).

We will take a look at some of these techniques here.

After years of research through historical documentation and through precise data collection from well stratified and dated archaeological sites, archaeologists have developed typologies for several different categories of artifacts such as ceramics, pipe stems, bead, projectile points and more.

Through many years of work on archaeological sites of different specific native groups a typology of pottery has been developed.

Today many vessels can be easily identified with the use of this typology because there are so many different styles, each of which is attributed to different culture groups and periods.

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