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So it’s very important to use the right words to ensure people don’t get the wrong idea!

A study from Harvard Business Review found that avoiding negative words like “can’t,” “won’t,” or “don’t” can reduce the Customer Effort Score by as much as 18.5%.

As many as 84% in a Harvard Business Review study say that their expectations had not been exceeded in their last customer service interaction. Exceeding expectations is what great customer service is all about, so go ahead and make someone’s day and go above and beyond for your customers.

Now that we have had the round up of what you absolutely should do to be awesome at live chat, let me now shed some light on the don’ts of live chat: Uncertainty and customer support do not mix.

According to studies, 77% of online shoppers want to contact a real person before buying.

The proactive setting that can be adjusted on most live chat software, can be incredibly useful for ensuring web visitors are engaged and assisted.

In fact, a Kissmetrics study found that 51% of customers claimed that companies can be impersonal and make simple mistakes such as getting a customer’s name wrong.Slack, Hip Chat, Yammer, Lync, Pie, Bitrix24—one of these words most likely has a lot of meaning to you.After all, it’s how you communicate with all your co-workers every single day.It’s not difficult to be polite, and it could mean the difference between keeping a customer and never seeing them again.Exceeding expectations can make you stand out as a company where customer service is concerned.

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