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AVG ranks as highly as Avast and is even higher than big names like Mc Afee, Kaspersky, and Bit Defender.

AVG’s first line of defense against hacks and malware attacks is its powerful antivirus, which protects you against a variety of common exploits.

You can even choose which programs can change these files at all.This is important because a lot of times your computer is attacked not by well-known viruses, but by new tactics antiviruses don’t know about.The company also got perfect scores from Virus Bulletin and is a proud member of the company’s VB100 list.While you've probably heard of AVG and its strong reputation for security and performance, did you know that it offers a choice of three products that not only provide security and privacy but also tools to help your PC run better?AVG is also one of the more affordable options in the market, meaning you get excellent protection for multiple devices for a single great price.

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