Trend not updating word that means intimidating

Click on this link to go to download Hijackthis_v2: You can visit knowledge base web site at this link: Please let me know if I was able to answer all of your inquiries. You can visit knowledge base web site at this link: I hope the information I have provided help fix the problem that you are experiencing. Consumer Support Team Trend Labs HQ, Trend Micro Incorporated1/12-Hello Paula, I have followed your directions that were included in your last email. It will not give me the problem now, it just says "unable to fix". Date: Mon, 0800 From: [email protected]: [SR #:1-122087265] RE: [RCC: US] Solution Bank - Question TO : [email protected]*********************** Warning: Your file,, is password-protected. If I misunderstood your concern/s, please feel free in replying to this email with more information regarding your inquiry. If not, kindly reply to this email with any clarification that you would like to make and we will gladly provide the answers for you. Best Regards, Paula Legaspi Consumer Support Team Trend Labs HQ, Trend Micro Incorporated12/24-Problem Description : I cannot update Trend Micro or find out about vulnerabilities on my computer because Trend Micro says my computer cannot connect to the internet.

Should you have further concerns, please do not hesitate in sending us an e-mail. If ever your issue has been resolved, please email us back with a simple "close case" message so that we could formally close this case. Best Regards, Best Regards, Kristine Torreno Consumer Support Team Trend Labs HQ, Trend Micro Incorporated In order for us to have a history of our correspondence, please do not delete the subject and the contents of this email. We appreciate your patience and cooperation on this matter. Kindly download the patch (file) attached to this email and extract the file to install. Download attached file: tis_160_win_en_patch_sffnup16452. If ever your issue has been resolved, please email us back with a simple "close case" message so that we could formally close this case. Obviously my computer can connect to the internet because I'm emailing you about my problem.

Date: Tue, 0800 From: [email protected]: RE: [SR #:1-122087265] RE: [RCC: US] Solution Bank - Question TO :[email protected]: Dear Katherine, Greetings! Note: If a message appears asking you to delete quarantined files, click Yes to proceed with the uninstallation 10. If that's the case and help is needed, please PM a staff member for assistance. OK so this has been going on for over a month now and Trend Micro can't give me any answers!

Thank you for contacting us, I am Czerny from Consumer Support Team and I apologize for the delay of our response. A message appears when the uninstallation is complete. Basically it all started when I tried to update my newly purchased Trend Micro.

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Unfortunately you must read all of the emails I have sent to Trend Micro to understand my problem. In fact, I am emailing you right now from my computer directly after trying your link below. - Click on Delete Files and check on the Delete Offline Content and click Ok on the prompt. - A window will appear click on the last button which has the Delete All Internet Files. they referred me here and told me to click the "Analyze this" button and post the log file from hijackthis and ask you guys what I should do.Microsoft and trend micro reported a compatibility issue with Office Scan and Worry-Free Business endpoint security software. So Microsoft has blocked the updates for these users. My problem does not lie with an internet connection because I am able to send and receive emails as well as surf the internet. For some reason Trend Micro will not update on my computer and is saying that I have no internet connection. I am beginning to believe that buying a Trend Micro product is a huge waste of my time and money. The problem is that there is nothing that says log file for me to copy and paste..i just don't know enough about computers to try and figure it out. - John (my website: )**If you need a more detailed explanation, please ask for it. ** If I haven't replied in 48 hours, please send me a message.Maybe I should just go to one of your comptetitors and spend my money on their products from now on. When I went to click "Analyze this" button, it directed me to a site and there was nothing to click on that says log file. My browser caused a flood of traffic, sio my IP address was banned. My eye problems have recently increased and I'm having difficult reading posts.

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