The invalidating environment

Although it was originally designed as an outpatient treatment for women diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, DBT has grown into an effective treatment for people with a wide variety of diagnoses and problems.

Its effectiveness in modulating extreme emotions and reducing negative behaviors makes it an attractive treatment especially for people who struggle with impulse control and emotional instability.

The characteristics of BPD begin developing during childhood because the fundamental inability to regulate emotions is exacerbated by an invalidating environment.

Skills training group is generally a weekly group with half of group time structured to teach skills and half of group time spent reviewing homework and use of skills in daily life.

The group is highly organized and focused on teaching and practicing new skills and improving motivation to use skills outside of group.

Once greater behavioral control is achieved, focus in on improving quality of life, emotional experiencing and achieving ordinary happiness in ife.

Adaptations to DBT often focus on DBT skills training.

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