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Each download of the 52 Date Cards also includes tips for putting your album together, gift tags and instruction card, and blank cards and photo cards.The gift tags were a fun way to surprise my hubs with the kit; they made it look super professional.These love letter printables contain 12 different scripts – one for each month of the year.

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If you’re looking for romantic inspiration, the Dating Divas site is a terrific place to browse, learn, and start planning your next date night with someone special.Not to mention, your creative brain cells may be running on empty, especially if you did the majority of your wedding planning yourself. So how do you make sure to keep your relationship strong and close when you are exhausted, broke, or both? In a nutshell, Dating Divas offers DIY printables and projects, for everything from birthdays, holidays, parties, and – you guessed it – couples!Actually, while all of their products are absolutely adorable and unique, they really have a certain flair for helping couples stay connected and engaged.Alternatively, sneak one into their luggage when they are packing for a business trip.Of course, you could always mail it to their work like I did.

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