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95; September 2016 Many parents do not understand why their teenagers occasionally behave in an impulsive, irrational, or dangerous way.

At times, it seems like teens don't think things through or fully consider the consequences of their actions.

Dating is a worldwide activity among teen, though much much more popular in developed countries as changing lifestyle have reduced parental assistance in searching of a life partner or soul mate.

Dating referred to as adult dating is for discovering relationship for love and romance and the eventually marriage.

Nerve cells develop myelin, an insulating layer that helps cells communicate.

All these changes are essential for the development of coordinated thought, action, and behavior.

Holding hands, a light kiss, a gentle pat or even little bit of petting is okay.This part of the brain is still changing and maturing well into adulthood.Other changes in the brain during adolescence include a rapid increase in the connections between the brain cells and making the brain pathways more effective.The split is fast and often, among dating teens due the reasons specified above.Nevertheless, the process is never ending and the outcome is a good friend or a promising life partner.

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