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” – Bill Mc Carron“Hi there, I would love to share my story with the fellow Keto friends to help motivate and inspire.

I was once 220 pounds and with Keto the most amazing diet I ended up losing 110 pounds! I ended up completing in miss universe Ireland and was so proud to have placed top 10. I want to help inspire and motivate people on this way of life. You’re not allowed to eat high-carb snack at all, you can’t have any dirty foods. I eat my meals at 12pm and 4pm and I fast the other 20 hours each day. Good luck to anyone starting your journey the first few months will be intense but when people begin to notice it makes it worth it.” – Lorrel Dunn“I started my keto journey on July 17, 2017.

I love it and I think the world needs to know how amazing our diet is.” – Jade ONeill | Instagram @jadey_dreamer“I’ve been totally keto since September 19th, 2017. Once I made it through the nausea and migraine the rest was ok. My weigh in on September 19th was 261.6 pounds as of December 9th weigh in I’m at 189.0 lbs. My gym routine gets a little more intense every day now but started out very basic. I have a very large frame but I’m guessing I will be comfortable in the low 160 range. I keep it simple, nothing fancy, no crazy recipes and no keto breads and sweets just yet.

I’ve done keto for 3 months so far and went from 234 to 178…I had a slow start and got really disappointed in occassion but I just kept at it. I feel really great now” – Sheila“I loved other diets, like Weight Watchers for example, but I always got bored and then I’d quit and gain the weight back.In the last 3 weeks on Keto, I’ve lost over 10 lbs and clearly a few inches as you can see in my progress pics – I should have measured!Being metabolically resistant and over the age of 45, I have had absolutely no luck with any other way of eating until now.For about a month prior to starting this way of eating I researched everything I could about the ketogenic lifestyle.

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