Speed dating in united states

Making personal connections with people can be challenging in the digital age, but dating coach Cora Boyd has helped hundreds of clients learn how to present their best selves.In upcoming months, the company is working to offer matchmaking services along with date coaching.“When you sign up, you get a vegan dating guide, a 10-page document that explains how it all works.And when you get there, you have 20 minutes of mingling and then the speed dating starts.” Once the mingling is done, the real fun begins as everyone in the room sits down across from a potential date and has five minutes to chat.

Enter Find Veg Love, which organizes speed dating events exclusively for vegans and vegetarians in numerous cities throughout the U. “The whole idea with speed dating is you’re trying to see if there is an initial spark.

“For me, there are people I’m still friends with who I met at these events.” Find Veg Love also organizes events for specific age groups, even though many vegetarians and vegans may search outside of their age range.

“Vegans typically look much younger than their actual age. Along with more speed dating events coming down the pipeline, Karine said Find Veg Love has partnered with a dating coach who specializes in helping vegetarians and vegans.

That’s why sometimes it can be easier for those who enjoy a meat- or animal-free diet to connect with others who share the same values and lifestyle.

Despite more vegan- and vegetarian-friendly restaurants popping up throughout North America, Forbes reported that fewer than 1 in 10 Americans consider themselves vegetarian or vegan.

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