Speed dating events chelmsford

The subject matter of the contract is the right of the customer to attend the Rande Motýl event in a date and time confirmed by the organizer.

The mutual contractual agreement and a legal relationship between the organizer and customer is governed by the respective provisions of the Commercial Code (Act no 513/1991, subsequently amended).

In a case that a guarantee was used on event that was canceled, the guarantee is extended by 2 months.

The customer certifies that all the information provided in registration form are accurate, current and complete.The organizer assumes the right to refuse participation on the speed dating event to any customer without having to provide justification.The organizer does not assume any liability for the conduct of any of the participants prior, during or after the event in any conjunction with this service.The guarantee is not applicable on a speed dating event on which a guarantee was already redeemed.The guarantee of Rande Motýl must bee redeemed no later then 6 months from the date of the speed dating event to which it relates.

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