South korean dating customs

When a friend of yours tells you they ‘just want to have a boyfriend’ back home, the initial instinct is to wince and say “you can’t force that sort of thing,” but here… Now, you’re going to need to get out your calendars for this next part.

But what’s always interested me about this obsession with relationship culture is where the depth lies.

Valentine’s Day is specified as the day where women buy men gifts ( the other way around).

Now, don’t worry ladies, March 14th is the day where men get to return the favor.

In one particular episode, when inspecting the scene of the crime, one of the players discovers a 뽀로로 (PO-RO-RO) watch on the ground.

뽀로로, for those of you that are unaware, is an animated Korean penguin who has his own show and is highly popular among children but is also considered super 귀워요 (cute) by many adults.

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