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My mind is boggled over the prices that some get for their Featherweight machines but after someone called them the Beanie Babies of the sewing machine world it made slightly more sense. I really like this person's take on what a sewing machine is really worth.Never miss a post from The Quilting Room sign up now to get new posts delivered to your inbox each morning!Hopefully, this post will help answer all those questions and more for you.You are still welcome to email us questions but I know there is a delay in email and sometimes you need an answer now. Purchasing items from the links cost you nothing more and adds a few pennies to the fabric budget.It's great if you just have a couple of pictures to go off of to identify a machine.

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The company was founded by Thomas White, who had some prior experience in sewing machine manufacture.

You can check our list of Singer sewing machine posts. Otherwise please see our resurrecting vintage sewing machines series.

That has information that can be applied to just about any antique or vintage sewing machine.

In order to use the ISMACS database that is linked below, you'll need your serial number.

This is typically one or two letters and then a string of numbers.

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