Sharon stone and michael douglas dating

However, Verhoeven's version of the conflict, is that he told Stone beforehand about the leg-crossing shot, as it was important for showing Catherine Tramell's free-spirited nature, and her constant drive to toy with people.Stone was reportedly excited about the idea and shot the scene.The scene where Michael Douglas has sex with Jeanne Tripplehorn, was filmed unbeknownst to the performers, who were simply rehearsing the scene.Things heated up quickly, as evidenced by the footage in the final film, and Paul Verhoeven liked the performances so much, that he included it in the final film.According to Sharon Stone, Paul Verhoeven asked her to remove her underwear for the leg-crossing scene, as he said they were too bright, and reflected at the camera.Stone agreed to do so, under the assumption that her genitals weren't visible.

The movie completely ignored DNA, which had been used in criminal investigations since the mid-1980s.

It was only at an early preview, that Stone discovered Verhoeven chose to use this specific shot.

Stone was mainly cross with Verhoeven for not discussing the matter with her beforehand, but decided to let the scene go without changes, as she felt this conformed with her movie character.

However, during the early preview, her agents supposedly disapproved of the scene, fearing it would harm her future career.

According to Verhoeven, Stone radically changed her mind about the shot, and demanded that he remove it, which he ultimately refused.

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