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EELGESOH and tte Jackson Resident Agency telephone number. For your information captioned FOIA suit has been in litigation for approximately two years. | ' advised that he plans to be in Jackson, Mississippi tentatively on 7/29/64 and will telephonies! During the course of this litigation, on 8/1/75, the Court issued an Order that no documents maintained by the FBI be destroyed. PROSPERE that there was a ."strong: rumoryvth^t^^ ODELL ANDERS, Sheriff, Adams County, Natchez , Mississippi,,.^ 6 S #v‘ * -r :n C r ’ W ab ready to swear in 50 klansmen as Special.' Deputies, • , te ' Invest iga tor , f advised that the State y- e v . : 5., ) • excess of 00 since January 1 , 1964 to the present for expenses . ' been changed f : \ & He; stated that for identification if a klansman enters • f a' town or community and wishes to locate another k 1 ansman^ ; ,

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This information was f urn i she d s f Yam records of the, Jackson Police Department , ba sed , upo n reports made b y-l 1 Jackson, Mississippi, ! BARRETT, WILLIAM MITCHELL, JR., and BOB NEWMAN, Klan members, were responsible for recently breaking out the front windows of the office of the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) 1017 Lynch Street, Jackson, Mississippi. ERNEST GILBERT, was flying around over the meeting in an airplane. Informant's kiavern met June 9 , 19 6*1, at Pennock Tile Company on Handy Avenue in Jackson. HORACE GRICE (phonetic) is the Exalted Cyclops of the Forest Hill Klavern. T his report can be located in New Orleans file| |. Roads w^Ciniter Mewed at his residence and prior to being interrv: ^^e^he; ■ wa S; advised by; SA. tp/ma Re '-a' " statement ■ and that any statement ■•he ;;mhkb ;cc^ : id be used against him. He tas" ^yisei5o^':bis Tight to consult an attorney if he '■so' desired/, / '• V BYRD advised that he is employed as a salesman for the Greenlajvn Memorial Park Cemetery,, Morgantown Road, Natchez, Mississippi. Kiu^ ' Klan of Mississippi, nor any other Ku Klux Kian group/ , He said he does nbt know any members of the ^uz : Klab or of their past present ? -/He 'said he did not know any of the leaders of this organizafion and could not r,ecall how many members attended these meetings;. to the above, the following descriptive data, concerning BYRD was obtained- through observe t ion and interview / f . Date dictated 7/10/64 This document contains neither recommendations, nor conclusions of the FBI. BYRD advised that his wife also, joined f his organ i- zat ion but that she attended only a few meetings and, Las not been too j'active ’ in organization. It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency;; It and its contents are not to 1 be distributed outside your agency. Our database shows there are 0 registered Sex Offenders in Leake County, MS, a ratio of 0.00 Sex Offenders per 10,000 residents.This is lower than the national average of 20.37 Sex Offenders per 10,000 residents.

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