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For those who don't know what it is, Omegle is a site that allows two people to have an anonymous chat with each other. Two "strangers" are chosen at random, etc etc you know how it goes. Stranger: 13 m uk You: I don't care Stranger: Fu K U !!!! Sign up for my ecourse Mental Strength: Mastering the 3 Core Factors.Watch my TEDx talk about the Secret to Becoming Mentally Strong.On a trip in Mexico I met the top female bullfighter in the country.And most recently in Canada, met a fellow who drove long hail tractor trailers on ice highways up north.A multitude of research shows that talking to strangers is good for your mental health.

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Perhaps your neighbor wouldn't stop telling you about her health problems.I left each of these interactions having learned something fascinating and felt so lucky for it.I'm a woman who has travelled by air quite a lot over the decades for both business and pleasure, and in my experience if I engaged in friendly conversation with a male seat-mate who was a stranger to me, it was too likely to give him the wrong impression: that I was looking to hook up with him after the flight. Mary, there's a good reason why 73% of those polled used their earbuds to indicate that they don't want to talk.Pick up a copy of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do.Interested in learning how to build your mental muscle?

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