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This new factory was only a couple of miles away from Eli Terry’s new clock factory.

Around 1818, Thomas began making Terry’s wooden movement pillar and scroll clocks, paying a $.50 royalty to Terry for each clock made.

They are all well made quality clocks, and are rapidly increasing in value.

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In 1865 Seth Thomas’s Sons & Company was formed as a joint stock corporation, to manufacture high grade pendulum movements and French imitation movements.The Seth Thomas Clock Company was organized as a corporation on May 3, 1853 in Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut (later to become Thomaston) to succeed the earlier clock-making operation of the founder.Seth Thomas (1785-1859) had been manufacturing clocks at the site since 1814.In 1822, Terry accepted 00 in lieu of the aforementioned royalty.For reasons unknown, Thomas began making Terry’s ’new improved’ shelf clock which caused Terry to sue Thomas in 1827; although no financial award was given to Terry.

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