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How can you build your self esteem and improve your relationships?

If you have low self esteem you won’t be able to relate to others well.

You may feel a lack of confidence in social situations.

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If you accept yourself you can also value yourself and tell others that they should respect who you are.

Self acceptance does not mean being happy with the present situation or standing still, you are still free to change what you can in complete honesty with your truth.

What steps can you take to increase your self acceptance?

Let’s quickly look at some of these problems that can result from this: What happens when you accept yourself for who you really are?

You will not be able to relate to others well because you will act like a victim rather than an equal. Arguments can really fuel your self doubt because you will exchange critical and hurtful words with the other person. Rejection can make you believe there is something wrong with you or that you deserve to be rejected.

The real problem with rejection is that how others feel about you affects your self esteem and confidence. Working on your self esteem will help you become stronger inside and the opinions of others will not have such power over you anymore. Obviously, criticism from others will hurt you but when you criticize others you invite a negative response and possible guilt when you think about what you have said in the heat of the moment.

Your manner is likely to make others respond coldly and this will damage your relationship with others further.

Read how you can improve your communication skills.

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