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These brief, hagiographical accounts of the Elders of Optina are concluded with the life of Hieromonk Seraphim Rose.He did not consider himself a hesychast or an Elder and said that he did not have any experience of such things.The Development of the Soul In our own day, the chief ingredient missing from this ideal harmony of human life is something one might call the emotional development of the soul.It is something that is not directly spiritual, but that very often hinders spiritual development.

After a year, they were both tonsured monks and Eugene took the name Seraphim, after St. The point of this publishing, as he said, was, “To bring basic Orthodox Christianity to as many Americans as will listen.” Fr.

His mother described him as having strong religious inclinations.

Following high school, and possessing a brilliant mind, Eugene went on to university.

Writing about this experience he said, “…when I entered an Orthodox church for the first time (a Russian church in San Francisco) something happened to me that I had not experienced in any Buddhist or other Eastern temple; something in my heart said that this was ‘home,’ that all my search was over.

I didn’t really know what this meant, because this service was quite strange to me, and in a foreign language.

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