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However, when Ted works around this by forewarning her that he'll ask her out once the sessions are over, she gives him fair warning that she will refuse.

During his first session, the two agree to go out for a movie, but Ted mistakes this invitation for a date and ends up accompanying Stella on girls' night out, and she explains to him how there are regulations forbidding her to date patients.Stella admits to Marshall, however, that she hated the film, but is ready to pretend to love it for the rest of her life for Ted.Despite this, Marshall still thinks that things are moving too fast and, together with the rest of the group, decides to hold an intervention for Ted about Stella.But when Lily accidentally reveals to Stella that he intended to break up with her earlier that day, she confronts him and dumps him.Ted doesn't give her up and once discharged, finds her at Kiddie Fun Land, where he proposes to her.

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