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Abramson said in an interview that they wanted to start "an advertisement-based business because at the time the advertising market was pretty hot and we'd seen other people develop Web sites that were popular making a lot of money." Their aim was to create a humor site that would appeal to the advertiser-friendly college-aged demographic.and many of their individual videos have been nominated for and/or won Webby Awards.

Sketches shot from the point-of-view of the main character, often voiced by Vincent Peone, College Humor's cinematographer.

As of October 2018, The College Humor You Tube channel has reached over 6.4 billion views, and over 13.3 million subscribers.

College Humor's pictures section features user-submitted photographs.

Recent winners include "Pixar Intro Parody" for Best Animation, "Web Site Story" for Best Individual Short or Episode, and Jake and Amir for Best Series.

Their shorts "Awkward Rap" and "Hand Vagina" were nominated for the Webby Award for Best Comedy: Individual Short or Episode in 20 with other nominees and winners since.

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