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Our show started off great for the sheer fact that the Blazers had just won so the bass section was in particularly good spirits ;) We had a moderately sizable stage but almost every stage is too small for this traveling band of gypsies.

We decided to do our new stilt chair dance on stage, but once we got up there we realized that this may or may not go well.

Luckily it went over swimmingly and the crowd LOVED it!

It was definitely a tight squeeze and hopefully I was able to mask any facial expressions of paralyzing fear.

Needless to say he was our least favorite trophy winner.

Then of course there were the two contenders in Whistler who decided to share the trophy since they each felt bad about out dancing the other. Or the times when the crowd just starts bombarding the stage, jumping up and filling the stage, grasping and clawing for their moment of fame.

In the end we gave the trophy to him and he rocked out with us for the rest of the song.

It was that moment that I knew we were on to something.We end up pulling a couple of rare individuals up on stage and they get crazy freaky, and eventually we choose one of them to take home the magnificent trophy!We started doing the trophy giveaway on the fall tour.After several chaotic mishaps, we have decided that this is not ideal and we now strongly discourage people from jumping on stage unless invited.That did not stop our lovely half naked dancer in San Francisco, who was told no but jumped up a minute later anyway…

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