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Insert a Split Container and dock it fully in the parent form. Fill) Insert another two Split Containers in each panel of the top... wpf,charts,wpftoolkit At the end of the opening Window tag, the tutorial's code imports the namespace your are talking about. c#,xml,winforms,list The attributes you're trying to get aren't attribute of Payments element. Notice that this means that all tables referenced in the statement must be in the same database. c#,html,winforms,diacritics,accented-strings Only thing I can think of is specifically specifying your encoding on the file write, like: File. You have defined it inside of chart:while you should do it either outside any object or inside of chart Area like: var options = ; which...

c#,winforms,mvp Your View and Model should be independent of each other and the Presenter. Do you have the following XAML in your opening Window tag? Write All Lines(massaged File Name, lines Modified, Encoding. javascript,svg,d3.js,graph,charts This isn't possible with D3. The axis component will generate an axis that corresponds to the associated range, i.e. c#,winforms,custom-controls Well, you don't have enough code.

.net,vb.net,winforms,datagridview,datatable what can I do to manage a Data Source instead of directlly manage the rows collection of the control A Class and a collection are pretty easy to implement as a Data Source and will also it will be pretty easy to modify your Move Up/Dn methods for it. vb.net,multithreading,winforms The reason is that you are referring to the default instance in your second code snippet.

Default instances are thread-specific so that second code snippet will create a new instance of the Form1 type rather then use the existing instance. Multi Select == false the above line effectively sets the current cell, not just the...

Best regards, Yaroslav In MS Word, when the users type an asterisk or 1., the application recognizes that they are trying to start a bulleted or numbered list and modifies the content automatically.

Expose such a functionality in Rad Rich Text Box as well.

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Expected is child shapes do not overlap any borders in the container.

Your Class1 needs a reference to the original instance of... c#,.net,winforms,printing This code doesn't actually print something, it's using the Shell to send a Print command to whichever program the user has installed to handle pdfs. The process will finish as soon as the verb is sent. c#,winforms,oledb,dbf _Null Flags is a private field that is used by the dbf to keep track of which fields can have a Null value.

c#,winforms,textbox,windows-forms-designer,form-control In C# Window application, control values are render after event is executed. If you really don't want it, try adding a not null after every field: Best N(5) not null, Aanb N(5) not null, ... c#,.net,winforms,youtube,youtube-api You're trying to call a v2 URL (the one that starts with https://gdata), which no longer exists.

Size = new Size(400, 600); Button btn = new Button(); btn. javascript,angularjs,charts,nvd3This can be solved with the following trick.

However, I don't think it'll be a more realistic solution when comes in to general usage.

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