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Relatively few blacks (5%) say Obama has made race relations worse, while 9% say he hasn’t addressed the issue at all.Among whites, 28% say Obama has made progress toward improving race relations and 24% say he has tried but failed to make progress.We are the best online dating website that you can visit if you are among those white men who finally want to meet and date a black woman or if you are those black women who want to meet and find white men.Nowadays, in this world where most people are busy, many choose to do all things online such as communicating with other people.Across the survey’s findings, there are significant fault lines within the white population – perhaps none more consistent than the partisan divide.

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By a margin of at least 20 percentage points, blacks are also more likely than whites to say racial discrimination (70% vs. More broadly, blacks and whites offer different perspectives of the current state of race relations in the U. White Americans are evenly divided, with 46% saying race relations are generally good and 45% saying they are generally bad. About four-in-ten whites (41%) – compared with 22% of blacks – say there is too much focus on race and racial issues.

In contrast, by a nearly two-to-one margin, blacks are more likely to say race relations are bad (61%) rather than good (34%). Blacks and whites also differ in their opinions about the best approach for improving race relations: Among whites, more than twice as many say that in order to improve race relations, it’s more important to focus on what different racial and ethnic groups have in common (57%) as say the focus should be on what makes each group unique (26%).

Blacks are also about twice as likely as whites to say too little attention is paid to race and racial issues in the U. Among blacks, similar shares say the focus should be on commonalities (45%) as say it should be on differences (44%).

When asked specifically about the impact President Barack Obama has had on race relations in the U.

S., a majority of Americans give the president credit for at least trying to make things better, but a quarter say he has made race relations worse.

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